Lapu-Lapu, Cebu: Mactan Newtown – C Suites

Hotels with infinity pools have been the latest tourist destination recently and here in Cebu, there are plenty of them.

C Suites in Mactan Newtown is one and it’s only a 26-minute ride from the airport.

Here I’ll show you some of their sensational view:





They have jacuzzi, cute pool loungers in yellow and green, and of course the great panorama of the city from the pool. It was my favorite.






We spent one night on a studio room also giving us a great view from our bed.



Let me also append a fashion tip for girls who are in a last-minute bikini shopping: Use the facebook marketplace! Trust me, it can be your last resort. Just post that you are looking for a bikini on hand with all the details needed and they’ll reach out, even with a special meet-up. Because girls, let’s admit it, if we’re going to go to a local store, it’s gonna take forever to decide which one to buy. Yep, that’s what I did.



I’ll upload a video real soon on how we spent our day in Mactan. Right now I’m having some glitches on my pc. Hester and my other friend is gonna be there, so stay updated.

Photos were taken by Hester Fang.

♥ Hanna Au


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